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  1. The Eyes of Sophistication in the World of Louis Vuitton

    July 17, 2011 by admin

    The world of luxury is tremendously elite. Louis Vuitton represents elegance in a very creative way and its benevolence state an impact to every style. The range of Louis Vuitton creations come together with its inclusive appeal and exclusive price make it, by far, the biggest name in luxury.

    Alluring sunglasses accentuates and sophisticates ones appearance. The color of the chosen lens is something you need to consider very carefully. Grey is the neutral color: it does not distort color or effect contrast. Red does affect contrast, it enhances it. It also distorts other colors. Brown and Green lenses enhance depth perception, reduce glare, and increase contrast and clarity. Yellow and Orange lenses increase both contrast and depth perception. To have the perfect pair of sunglasses, Facial characteristics also have to be taken into consideration. Louis Vuitton sunglasses offer sophistication to every contour.

    Most frames’ shapes suit oval faces. Obssesion Carré offers strong styles which complement soft curves. The obsession model in acetate frame comes in two colors, light glitter honey and carmin glitter. Angular faces with a strong jaw line are best with oval and round frames as well as butterfly shaped glasses and so are the flower-shaped frames. Louis Vuitton’s Daisy feasts the eyes on glamour and femininity in its metal frame that comes with noir and marron color. Oblong faces must go for tall frames that make an impression for a shorter face.

    Jasmine’s metal and acetate frame that comes in black glitter and light glitter honey color features sophisticated hinges signed with a monogram flower that is undeniably glamorous. On the contrary, rectangular styles will sharpen the facial feature for round faces and make it appear to be longer and thinner and Freesia possess an outstanding element with its geographic shape and innovative metal and acetate frame which comes in three variety of colors such as black glitter, ecaille fc, and carmin glitter. 

    For triangular faces, Orchid has the power of elegance that emphasizes the upper face. The classic aviator style of Mimosa softens the forehead of heart faces is available in four colors, turquoise mirror, coral mirror, brown glitter, and black glitter. Be dazzled with Lily as its delicate flower details astonish the cheek bones of diamond faces. These are some of the sunglass models that complement each facial characteristic.

    These sunglasses are bot only to protect the eyes from sunlight, they likewise add fascination to a perfect ensemble. Check out the world of Louis Vuitton to see all their stunning sunglasses as the House pave way for glamour and sophistication.