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Gucci Makes the Perfect Clutches

September 17, 2011 by admin

A great evening outfit can be a thing that will turn heads. And many women spend countless hours planning the perfect outfit to wear on their night out. But, anyone who knows fashion knows that the wrong accessories can make a great outfit go very bad. That is why Gucci clutches are a necessity for evening wear. And this great company offers a very large variety of great clutches that are perfect for any evening outfit.

The Malika Bag is a very stylish clutch that is super shiny and will accent any outfit with the perfect amount of class. These bags are made of a super shiny python material. They have a fold over closure that is secured with a braided leather rope and tassel. This great clutch is fully lined with leather and has one interior pocket. It is priced at nearly $2000. It comes in two different colors. A blue and an orange are available. If that isn’t enough luxury for you, a black version is available made of a shiny black crocodile leather. This, of course, is a much higher price. Expect to pay around $9000 for one of these great bags if that is what you decide to buy.

If that is a little too modern for you and you are looking for a more vintage classy evening bag, then Gucci has that as well. And that clutch is located in a collection commemorating Gucci’s 90th anniversary. This collection is called Gucci 1921 and the clutch is a small clutch with a horse bit detail on the front of a light gold metal. This very small clutch has a chain carrying strap as well. It comes in a variety of antiqued colors of leather. You can find everything from a classy brown to a lovely rose. These adorable clutches are priced around $1500 each. Once again, though, Gucci makes a super-luxurious crocodile leather version of this clutch as well. And it is around $9000 in price.

Gucci creates a long list of great clutches that will make the perfect addition to any evening wear. They come in simple, but elegant versions as well as super-luxurious ones if you are looking to make even more of a statement. These clutches are all beautiful. It is a guarantee, though, that you will most definitely have a successful outfit with any of the clutches created by Gucci. And success in an outfit is important.

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