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  1. The Quintessential Polo Shirts

    November 24, 2011 by admin

    Nowadays Polo shirts are staple clothes of anybody’s wardrobe. It is interesting to know that, these shirts were originally made for sport wear such as golf and tennis. The shirts are characterized by the T-shape neck which has a collar and there is a placket in front which has two or three buttons. The pockets on the left hand top in front can be optional and these t-shirts are always characterized by the knitted cotton. Of course, nowadays, even merino wool, synthetic materials and even silk are found on such t-shirts.

    You would be surprised to know that, these t-shirts were invented by René Lacoste, who was a Grand Slam champion as he found the existing tennis attire of long sleeved shirts buttoned up too cumbersome while playing. As he helped introduce the loosely fitted cotton Lacoste Polo Shirts, he placed a crocodile logo on the left breast place since it was akin to the nickname that was given to him at that time.

    After the Lacoste brand was formed in the thirties, there has been no looking back. The material of the Polo shirts made them ideal for outdoor wear during games like tennis or glof. These games typically involve outside hours in the sun. The t-shirts have the convenience of short sleeves, soft, rolled back collars and a comfortable fit of a jersey cotton material which allow the skin to breathe.

    Today there are many other brands in the market with their range of Polo shirts. Ralph Lauren is one such American brand and so are Abercrombie & Fitch. Besides them, there are several other fashion brands which include such Polo shirts in their collections due to their widespread popularity. Thus, if you would like to pick up a branded Polo shirt, all you need to do is log onto reputable retail stores online and pick one of your choice.

  2. Lacoste Polo Shirts: A True Symbol of Elegance and Quality

    November 9, 2011 by admin

    Nowadays, fashion plays an important role in people’s daily life. People care more about fashion than before. They show a strong interest in making them look fashionable and stylish with kinds of clothes and accessories. Actually, people should be spotted with a suitable gesture and stylish outfit no matter they go to attend office conference or parties or gatherings. Therefore, they have to carefully choose from clothes to shoes and from makeup to accessories. Obviously, the clothing matters a lot in leaving a deep and attractive impression on others. Therefore, choosing the appropriate clothes for certain occasions is a crucial part of dressing up.

    The right costume really helps a lot in your personality and career. It is a fact that the stylish and fabulous outfit can enhance your confidence and give you a beautiful mood. The positive power it brings is beyond your imagination. Men also have a wide of shopping selections in the market, such as fashionable T-shirts, stylish jeans corporate shirts and attractive sports shirts. When it comes to sports shirts, Lacoste polo shirts enjoy great popularity among people who love sports and fashion. They show a strong interest in making them look elegant and fashionable with Lacoste polo shirts.

    Lacoste polo shirts are designed by Rene Lacoste who is a famous tennis player. He is also a professional and ambitious person. At that time, Rene felt uncomfortable when he wore the boring long-sleeved shirts designed for the tennis players. Therefore, Rene decided to create comfortable and stylish shirts for people. That is how unique and fashionable Lacoste polo shirts came out. These shirts are knitted with cotton loosely in order to give the wearer a comfortable feel. They come with longer tails and flat and soft collars. The designers and producers spend a lot of time and energy on these polo shirts. These iconic sports shirts are well welcomed by many fashionable people and sports players. In order to look fabulous and stylish, more and more people worldwide choose to wear fantastic Lacoste polo shirts.

    At the beginning, the Lacoste polo shirts came with only one kind of color and style. With the development of society, the designers have adopted some creative and charming styles in making the shirts. Moreover, there are a variety of designs, pattern and colors available in the market. Similarly, the materials used in Lacoste polo shirts are improved now. The cotton used in polo shirts is woven with the advanced fabric technique through many kinds of tests. Obviously, the quality of Lacoste polo shirts has been improved to a higher level. Therefore, more and more people choose to buy these polo shirts. There is no doubt that Lacoste polo shirts are the ideal choice for those who love stylish design and comfortable feel.